Ramping up the New Year..... 2011 is going to be a UNIQUE in ways beyond words! almost 10 years ago
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Categories: Interior Design & Architecture, Crafts, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Fine Art, Marketing & Public Relations, Home Decorators , Writing & Editing, Gifts, Multimedia

Artist, Graphic Design, Web Design, Copy Writing, Layouts, Proofing, Administrative work and Book-Keeping avaialable. Designed high end line of shoed. Poetry Boards, Card Maker (see examples). I've been around for about 7 years now doing this part time and I've been doing it full time for 7 months back in May of 2009 and just came back to it in September of 2010

Shay Mehan
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I have been an artist all my life. Wouldnt know what to do if I didnt have Art in my life. Everything about me is creative. The way I think, talk, solve problems, decorate, solve problems…..I am truly one of the gifted ones. I feel very blessed.

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